Where Can I Use Synthetic Grass?

Thursday, 30th July 2015

Artificial Grass Surfaces from Progreen Landscape

Synthetic grass is an excellent alternative to the grass we see everyday, as it can leave a lasting and a much more attractive appearance. Progreen Landscape offer a wide variety and choice when it comes to artificial grass, where each artificial surface has different qualities and finishes.

The artificial grass we supply serves more than just one purpose. It can be used in many circumstances, where each of surface offers different appearances and qualities to the next. Progreen Landscape have a really short and tightly gathered product which is suited for sport purposes like golf putting greens and courses, where on the other hand, we have slightly longer turf products which are ideally suited to your garden lawn, or in playgrounds for example.

Our products can be used in many different circumstances, where Progreen have made a point to list a few of the main uses below

Artificial Grass Uses

For Your Garden

Artificial grass is a brilliant and attractive way to enhance the look of your garden and home. It can turn a dull and dark garden into a bright new one which never stops glowing green.The great thing about synthetic grass is that it needs hardly any maintenance at all, so once it is laid, no further work is needed. With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about mud or soil underneath either, so, for all you parents with young kids, there are no muddy foot prints to follow..

Once your artificial grass is laid, everything will still look as beautiful in years to come, as the day it was first laid. Synthetic grass conserves water, which for you, makes your property more environmentally friendly. For you as a customer, this is wonderful as you help the environment by enhancing the look of your home!

To Surround Your Swimming Pool

Having artificial grass to surround your swimming pool is one of the best things you could possibly do, in terms of keeping maintenance to a minimum. There is no mess when you get in and out of the pool, and you no longer get left with mud and grass on your feet.

Unlike normal grass which can often become dry and uncomfortable to stand on barefooted, artificial grass is very soft so stand on, so you can glide around your pool side freely. Natural grass is known for getting soggy and flooded in terrible weather, so having synthetic grass installed around your pool when people are coming and going, could prove to be bad choice.

Artificial grass is a practical and a great way to make the surrounding area of your pool look vibrant and beautiful.

Golf Putting Greens and Courses

More and more golf facilities are coming round to the idea of having artificial grass on their courses and putting greens.

First of all, synthetic grass allows for a better playing experience, where players can perform at a higher level thanks to the sleek surface. Balls will travel on a truer line as your surface can be as even as you want it to be.

Artificial grass requires very little maintenance, and with that being said, more time, effort and money can be spent on improving other aspects of your Golf Course or Golf Club. Once your surface has been laid, your golf course will look green and vibrant 365 days a year.

Football Fields, Tennis Courts & Sports

Football, Tennis, and other sports are also starting to warm to the idea of artificial grass. The installation of artificial grass will enhance their players performance further, which can only be good news for any team looking to progress.

Just like all of the artificial grass we produce, there is very little maintenance needed to keep your playing surface in working order. This means you will have more time, effort and money to focus on other things to do with your sporting venture. Maintenance time is currently a huge factor for sport teams and clubs, who often spend hundreds or thousands of pounds to keep their playing fields in top condition.

Let’s take football stadiums for example. No longer will there be a need for lawn cutters, sprinklers, or sunshine for that matter. The football pitch will be ready to play on 365 days a year, assuming the snow stays away... 

Sporting teams and businesses could save mass amounts of money if they switched to artificial grass. Some people worry about the potential for water to flood the surface of the playing field, but with Progreen Synthetic Grass Systems, water can be conserved and recycled without damaging or affecting the playing surface itself.

Playgrounds and Park Areas

Another use for artificial grass, which is growing in popularity, is playgrounds and park areas. In terms of health and safety for children, artificial grass is a much safer choice to have. By reducing humps and bumps that can be found in real grass play areas, you will reduce the likelihood of children falling over and hurting themselves. Your children won’t come home muddy, and parents won’t have to worry about their children collecting grass in their pockets or shoes...

Artificial grass looks good all year round too, and with very little maintenance needed, we see it as an incredible opportunity to have a playground or park area look so good all year round, without the hassle. Money saved from having artificial grass and not paying maintenance fees, could be spent elsewhere on other things to do with education. A bonus for schools and colleges looking to improve their educational establishments.

Consider Artificial Grass from Progreen Landscape today and never look back!

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