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About Progreen UK?

Progreen UK is the European representative of the parent company ProGreen International in the USA. Manufacturing artificial grass solely in the USA using innovative polymers sourced from Dow and Exxon. Through controlling the manufacturing process from resin pellet through to finished product Progreen has complete control in the quality of the product. With unprecedented testing facilities they have been producing and supplying the very best synthetic turf in the USA for over 30 years.

The artificial grass market is in it’s infancy in the UK and Progreen UK is the only distributor of turf that is Polyurethane backed as opposed to Latex backed. Progreen provides a fully authentic warranty on its product backed by a 3rd part insurer that means your warranty holds value and give you peace of mind. Our network of approved installers have been trained and educated on how to correctly install our product. Progreen UK is focused on bringing the very best available artificial grass to the UK & European market.

Harry Salomons - National Sales Director ProGreen International

Extensive experience (35+ years) and an unsurpassed understanding of the artificial turf business and culture within global markets; including but not limited to: innovative product development, business development and management, creation of complete manufacturing facility (from raw materials to finished product), manufacturing processes and methods, installation techniques, and advising on sport governing federations (i.e. FIH, FIFA, Olympic Committee, and Synthetic Turf Council - USA).

UK/Europe Experience:

Set up distribution in most EU countries as well as England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. · Developed artificial grass systems current being used in landscape still today. · Worked and lived in the UK to establish sales and distribution for artificial turf for sports and landscape. A small list of notable projects to include,

  • Oxford University, field hockey.
  • QPR first artificial turf.
  • Real Madrid practice fields.
  • Pan American Games hockey fields, Manchester.
  • Edinburgh University.
  • Manchester United hybrid fields.
  • Artificial Grass tennis courts for Wimbledon and David Lloyd Tennis Centers.

Additional Comments:

Throughout my extensive career in the artificial turf business, I have built separate successful business models for sales and distribution of product in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

I was an integral part of the complete design and build of a state of the art turf manufacturing facility in Austin Texas. This is the first of its kind which is separate and apart from the traditional manufacturing facilities located in Georgia.

I have many personal relationships within the industry which gives me a better understanding of the competition, and of the strategic planning necessary to successfully compete.

I have worked at senior levels with some of the world’s leading companies in this market segment.

I have a thorough understanding of the international /cultural differences that enhance company relationships.

I have thorough product knowledge of artificial turf, and I understand the direction of product development in landscape and sports application.

I know how to bring together and maintain long term sponsorship relationships.

Stuart Conroy - Company Director Progreen Europe

Following 8 yeas in IT project management has established Activ8 as a leading manufacturer &!distributor of Mobile Phone & Tablet Accessories. Has seen Activ8 listed two years running on Fast Track 100 in 2012/2013. Extensive knowledge of online optimisation, brand development and logistics for import/export and local market distribution. Highly experienced in supply chain management with proven success in highly populated marketplace. Sold over 1.5m phone cases in 2013.

Exports currently to 36 different countries.

Innovated variety of products in the sector.

Took activ8 turnover from £500k to £11m in four years.

Manufacturer of the year 2013.

Finalist for Digital Business of the year 2013 at a National Business Awards